The Visual War »

For those in the audience who enjoy maps and charts, here’s a doozy: This 1897 chart illustrates the entire war, state by state, month by month, battle by battle. 6a00d83542d51e69e2017c389c99ab970b-pi (1152×1604).

Today in Civil War History »

I spent 4 years researching dates and subjects for the Civil War Podcast, but if I’d found this site sooner I could’ve saved myself the trouble.  Births, deaths, and incidents both large and small are documented for each day of the year.  If anyone is thinking of their own project requiring day-by-day research, start here. […]

Visualizing Emancipation »

The University of Richmond has posted an interactive, online map that charts the activity of the Union army and (sometimes unrelated) slavery/emancipation events across the states from ’61 to ’65.  It’s interesting to note how the red dots (emancipations) generally precede the blue dots (army investments), and to observe the profusion of red and blue […]

The Adventures of Abraham Lincoln’s Corpse »

For those who haven’t yet heard the tumultuous story of Lincoln’s corpse, here’s some macabre reading for you.  Possibly the inspiration for Weekend at Bernie’s? I’m not sure. I’m curious as to the provenance of the illustration that accompanies the article: It was a well known fact that all but one glass negative of Lincoln’s […]

Civilian Wartime Twitter Feed »

Another Twitter feed, this time with an interesting angle:  The Tweets are assembled from letters and diaries from the homefront, and offer comments on the war as it unfolded.  Each quote has a link to the original source.!/civilianwartime

Tweeting the War »

I thought I’d take a glance through Twitter, to see which Civil War personalities have been digitally reincarnated to offer pithy or funny feeds about the war.  Sadly, there don’t seem to be any Rebel Mayors in the bunch, but I did discover a Washington Post identity that collates a few interesting feeds.  They seem […]