What Ulysses S. Grant would tell Trump about Robert E. Lee »

Another look at the current magnifying glass on Lee, this one citing the quote I most often go to when discussing the topic. I do have one bone to pick with the author, though – Grant’s actions do indicate that he had an abolitionist streak. His father in law was a wealthy slaveowner, and gifted […]

Questioning Lee’s Legacy »

Trump’s blundering into the Confederate statues debate has unleashed quite a backlash against Lost Cause history. I am all for reversing the yellow history, but I’m not sure swinging the pendulum entirely the other way is going to accomplish much. Did Lee make mistakes? Without question, especially at Gettysburg. But to suggest that he was […]

Testimony of Wesley Norris »

There was a Reddit discussion about Robert E. Lee, whose birthday was celebrated by some yesterday. While I have the utmost respect for Lee as a military commander, and I have no doubt he’d have been an admirable man to work with or for, I cringe when I see people defending his choice to go […]

Appomattox »

I’ve been busy with an art project lately, so haven’t been updating, which is bad timing given we’re into the home stretch of the sesquicentennial. I’ve taken a few minutes to put my art aside and post someone else’s: Here’s a copy of my favourite Appomattox painting, by Tom Lovell. While still not 100% authentic, […]

Even Robert E. Lee Wanted the Confederate Flag Gone »

In the shadow of a Confederate flag discussion, the author of a new Lee book muses on the general’s mutable opinions on secession and commemoration. Where Confederate battle flag replicas once flew at Washington and Lee University in the chapel above Robert E. Lee’s tomb, controversy now hangs as Virginians prepare to observe the January […]

Merry Christmas »

I don’t have the city of Savannah to present to you all, but I do have the promise of a resuscitated blog in the coming weeks.  Happy holidays to all our readers!  

Most Likely to Secede »

It’s nice to take the odd day off from thoughts of war, maimings, destruction and death to poke some fun at the Civil War.  I spotted this tshirt today and felt the need to share it. Robert E. Lee: Most Likely to Secede – BustedTees.