A Case of the Slows »

  A friend posted this on Facebook, and I thought immediately of George McClellan. Unfortunately, with no updates to the blog since last week, I’ve become McClellan-ish myself. Apologies – long hours at the new job are keeping me from my reading.  I’d joke about hoping for a change in commanders, but the thought of […]

A Terminal Case of the ‘Slows’ »

Another good Disunion article, this one offering a neat take on Lincoln’s visit to the Army of the Potomac after Antietam: Where Lincoln arrived worried that the troops would follow McClellan into revolt against Republican policies (to wit, the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation), the support they showed him led him to believe he was both the […]

Lincoln Debates McClellan »

Dressed in his signature long black dress coat and instantly recognizable with his jet black hair and beard, President Abraham Lincoln and his lesser-known, albeit dapper, presidential challenger and former New Jersey governor, Gen. George McClellan, stood before a crowd of lunching history buffs as they verbally sparred over issues of national importance circa 1864 […]

Class of 1846 »

In researching one of my Podcast topics, I was directed to The Class of 1846, by John C. Waugh, for a quote I needed to verify. As expected, our fabulous library system quickly delivered me a copy. I got the quote I needed, but a quick flip-through reveals a well-written, charming series of vignettes for […]

More Mac Bashing »

I sometimes feel sorry for McClellan, given how his reputation has suffered in the past 150 years. Then I remember that he earned this reputation, and I don’t feel sorry at all. I found a Lincoln quote last night that was brand new to me, and I’m enjoying it immensely: Gen. McClellan and I are […]

McClellan’s Reputation Preceeds Him… »

… if only because he never advanced! I found this fun dig at Little Mac in McSweeney’s: CIVIL WAR GENERAL GEORGE B. MCCLELLAN ADDRESSES HIS TROOP OF TEN-YEAR-OLDS IN A GAME OF CAPTURE THE FLAG WHILE WAITING FOR HIS RETINUE OF HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGES. Excerpt: “My decisions have not always been popular, I know. But, children, […]